Blend and Leverage Digital Media Channels

It is likely that many departments and business units have built out video systems throughout the organization and are operating in silos. Leverage those systems that have functional capabilities and business value by integrating them into the entire enterprise-wide video communications and learning ecosystem.

Enterprise Video – Enhanced with a Media Business Strategy

This is a time where organizations are implementing new video systems and adding technology as part of their digital transformation. To be successful, companies must conduct a media business strategy, inclusive of stakeholders and systems throughout the enterprise. It should include a thorough evaluation of existing video systems, industry research and benchmarking.

Content Guidelines for Communications and Workplace Learning

As technology has improved and form factors have changed, the core messages, information and story telling have remained relatively constant.  This video touches on a few of the key factors to provide the right content, at the right place, in the right manner. First, and foremost, know your target audience, so that the content is compelling and relevant to them!

How You Can Ensure a Successful Digital Media Transition

A digital transformation is MORE than an investment in technology. It is the alignment of all internal stakeholders and support groups to improve the customer experience and to meet the over-all business objectives, with the right technology.

Four Technologies that will Impact Enterprise Communications and Workplace Learning

At Enliten, we see four technologies having the most impact on the use of digital media and video in the enterprise, through innovation, advancements and growth:  Mobility; social networking; the Cloud and big data.  This video provides a high level perspective on the role and value of each technology.

Mobile Video for Enterprise Communications and Workplace Learning

The use of video and mobility is increasing everywhere and it is projected to be the area for the most significant growth in technology spending, as people demand to consume content – anywhere, anytime, and on various devices.

Digital Touch Points – Establish a Media Business Strategy

This is a digital age where individuals consume content anywhere, anytime and on the viewing device of their choice.  This is a time of Digital Transformation, where enterprise organizations are reaching customers and workers through technology to increase customer touch points, digitally, and increase business results.  To be effective, companies should establish a media business strategy and leverage existing video infrastructure and systems with the right blend of new and innovative technology.

Digital Touch Points – Reach Your Audience With the Right Content

This is a time of Digital Transformation, where enterprise organizations are reaching customers and workers through technology to increase customer touch points, digitally, and increase business results.  To be effective, companies need to address viewing locations, environments and devices and produce content for each screen.   Also, companies need to capture and properly analyze data and preserve, protect and leverage company media assets.

Enterprise Video is Affordable and a Business Requirement

We are in a media-centric, society.  It is a digital age, where the core of the media is video content and executives are using it to impact business results through video communications and workplace learning. The cost for video equipment and solutions is more affordable than anytime in the past making the business justification for enhancements and upgrades to an enterprise video ecosystem less challenging.

Leverage Existing Video Systems and Capabilities

The enterprise video ecosystem is comprised of software and hardware for creating, managing, distributing, and displaying content. Enliten finds that most organizations have the systems and infrastructure to provide video content to targeted audiences. This video makes the case that by leveraging existing video systems with necessary enhancements and expanded capabilities, enterprise organizations can meet their communications and workplace learning needs…. affordably.

Digital Media for Enterprise Communications and Workplace Learning

Through innovation and new technology, digital media is constantly changing, driving collaboration, interaction and the sharing of content.  At the forefront of this revolution is video.  And, as the use of video in the workplace increases, organizations are finding ways to use video to reduce and offset costs, increase, improve customer satisfaction and improve the bottom line!

The Digital Transformation Improved Video Capabilities and Lowered Costs

The transition to digital provides better quality video, freed up bandwidth for wireless communications, and performed as a catalyst for social media and mobility.  Along with general innovation, it drove down the cost of video equipment making video affordable and a business requirement for enterprise communications and workplace learning.

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