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To meet the video communication and workplace learning requirements of enterprise organizations, we see four technologies having the most impact on the use of video through innovation, advancements and growth: mobility, social networking, the Cloud and big data. 

Enliten’s business strategy process helps enterprises leverage video and implement the right blend of these technologies for business results.

Our proven process begins with the Discovery Phase and an analysis of your company’s "current state" including your strategic business objectives and associated communication and/or learning objectives.  

This analysis is enhanced with research and benchmarking of best practices for meeting your specific business requirements.  The findings are used to help define a "desired future state," including functional and operational capabilities, and a solution strategy with recommendations and associated plans. We then conduct a "force field analysis" to identify the forces for and against the recommended solution (including how to manage any negative factors). The final step is to develop a business case for the recommendation and a supporting executive presentation.  The recommendation would include possible cost savings, cost avoidance, and in many cases, revenue generation opportunities.

We work with you to clearly identify the required work effort... both ours and yours.  We use an accelerated process that incorporates a blend of facilitated sessions, on-site meetings, interviews and surveys customized to each engagement. We keep you informed throughout the process. All phases of the project include milestone meetings, reports and approvals, and establishing the foundation for the next steps in the process.

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