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Enliten's 2014 Trends and Perspectives
Making the Business Case for Video and Dynamic Media
Enhanced Enterprise Communications and Workplace Learning 
By Randy Palubiak and David Lamb 

The Digital Branch

Financial Institutions Leverage Digital Media to Improve Customer Satisfaction, Increase Sales, and Promote Their Brand
By Randy Palubiak

Digital Signage

Enabling and Enhancing Enterprise Communications - The Blending of Communication Channels
By Randy Palubiak

Employee Focused Digital Media
Leveraging Managed Services to Improve Employee Communications and Training
By Randy Palubiak
This book is written for business individuals in a position to provide, support, use and/or enhance enterprise communications: Video and media managers; video producers; visual and electronic graphics specialists; webmasters; IT and telecommunications specialists; trainers and educators; merchandising and marketing executives; and executive management and corporate communicators.

It is a resource for information of, from and about video-based enterprise communications.

Delivery of Media in the Enterprise


Satellite-based business television (BTV) and interactive distance learning (IDL) networks, employing one-way video transmission, have been widely adopted and successfully utilized by numerous organizations.

This Guide specifically focuses on the key component of a BTV/IP network: the satellite receiver. It provides information and guidance on available, proven IP receiver technologies, the manufacturers who provide them, and touches on related components of BTV/IP network architecture.

Receiver Guide
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