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Effective Business Communication and Learning Strategies

Enliten provides strategy consulting services that enable our clients to meet their communications and learning objectives while concurrently making the right business decisions for their organization.  

Our holistic, systematic process includes analysis, assessments and research that identifies challenges and opportunities for extracting higher value for existing communications and learning systems. It also focuses on the exciting opportunities being created by the synergistic power of technologies such as mobile devices, collaboration via social media tools, storage and access via “the cloud”, and new standards, such as xAPI, for creating, tracking and using information captured during the delivery of communication and learning events.

These new tools can support the knowledge and performance of corporate leaders at all levels, sales associates, customer service representatives, operations and technical professionals… and potentially, your customers and prospective customers.

Our consulting approach keeps us close to our clients’ needs and expectations and allows us to establish and maintain a close partnership with the key client stakeholders throughout the project. This enables us to be “on the same page” from beginning to end and complete projects as specified, on time and within budget.

Proven Process

We have a proven process that begins with an analysis of your company’s "current state" including your strategic business objectives and associated communication and/or learning objectives.  This analysis is enhanced with research and benchmarking of best practices for meeting your specific business requirements.  The findings are used to help define a "desired future state" and a solution strategy. 

Best-in-Class Guidance and Solutions

We support clients globally, tracking the "Best-in-Class" in video and new media technologies, workplace learning approaches and solutions, industry suppliers and service providers, and of course, the critical enterprise user applications.

Custom Service Approach

Communications or Learning consulting services can be provided individually. However, we feel that the maximum value is provided as an integrated service.

Media and Workplace Learning Business Strategies

Meet your business objectives by leveraging our expertise and the right blend of our services.  With everything from conducting analysis to assessments and research, we advise you on how to continue making the best decisions for your organization.  Our services include:

• Media and Workplace Learning Business   
• Business Justifications and Cost Models
• Communication & Learning Function Audits
• RFI and RFP Development
• Workflow Process Development
• e-Learning & m-Learning Strategies
• Technology and Vendor Evaluation and Selection
• Executive Coaching for New CLOs
• Mobile Performance Support Strategies
• Communications, Workplace Learning and 
  Technology Change Management

Enliten’s video series on Enterprise Video
Featuring insights, perspectives and tips on topics relevant to the use of video for enterprise communications and workplace learning. 

Sample Topics

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