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Enterprise Video Drives Corporate Communications

Best Practices for Corporate Communications
Engage and Empower Employees

By Randy Palubiak

FGLDA recognizes individuals and organizations for the innovative use of technology for distance learning within federal agencies.  


is a
Video Producer

In the Enterprise, it is called Employee-Generated-Content (EGC)
EGC. Encourage it. Support it. Make it work across, and add value to, the enterprise video ecosystem.

By Randy Palubiak

Digital Media Strategists

Enliten specializes in developing media business strategies and roadmaps for enterprise communications and workplace learning.

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Enliten enables enterprises to select the best media and learning solutions for achieving their desired business outcomes. 

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Enliten assists product and service providers in developing their business strategies and plans that best meet the needs of enterprise clients.


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Digital Touch Points

Randy Palubiak
The book provides guidance and tips for executives to leverage video and dynamic media across the enterprise ecosystem to achieve successful business communications and workplace learning. 

Digital Touch Points

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